Holly Wolf Designs

New Orleans Inspired Art:

May she Fais Do Do Forever...  There are 5 layers of epoxy and art on this piece giving it a wonderful depth.  I believe this piece captures the strength as well as the joyful spirit of the women of New Orleans.


Having grown up in New Orleans I have an immense love of food.  It seems every memory I have has a thought/feeling of food attached to it.  Food is such a part of everyday life in New Orleans.  You eat to celebrate, to mourn, to say thank you and connect with the ones you love.  As you are finishing one meal you are taking about what you are going to eat for the next meal. My mother is a spectacular cook.  As a child I would spend hours in the kitchen with her and as a family we were constantly eating out at all the New Orleans classic restaurants as well as the tiny local establishments.  Sicne I love painting so much I had to figure out a way to marry my love of art with my love of food.  Enjoy...


I love the energy and passion of New Orleans.  It's the thing that draws me back a few times each year.  I wanted to capture the deep love I have for that city.  It's like a friend to me.  A friend I miss and want to connect with as often as possible.  I always tell people it's like visiting another country.  And you can't know what I mean until you actually go there.  I hope this expresses the vibrancy I feel the city has and my deep passion for it.


Most people think of New Orleans night life by the many great bars and restaurants.  This was from a walk through the Garden District one evening.  A little spooky.  A little mysterious.  The moon glow in the background.  All that New Orleans is. 


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